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Frequently asked questions:

Who does Christian Outreach help?

Christian Outreach helps victims of fire, abuse, and other unexpected misfortune.  Providing all that is needed from dishes to furniture, bed linens to nick-knacks, rugs to pictures and everything in between. We will also help victims for up to one year with seasonal clothing, Christmas decorations and anything else they need to start their lives over.  Without experiencing what it is we do here the magnitude and scope of this kind of gift is truly immeasurable.  It does however take more than 50 hours of work from our staff and volunteers, and over $2,600 in material and monetary assistance.


What kind of help does Christian Outreach offer?

Our programs assist financially with aid for rent/mortgage, utilities, medicine, food, gas money, and other needs as they arise.  We also offer pre-natal assistance and education to young mothers during first pregnancies, continuing to mentor these women until assistance is no longer needed. We provide outfits and shoes to go on job interviews to women trying to make it on their own, many for the first time, and those just returning to society after incarceration.


Where do the items I donate go and are they tax deductible?

Donated material items either go straight to families in need or are sold in our Thrift Store where the proceeds are used to finance our programs.  Financial gifts (Shepherds of Hope or one time monetary pledges), go directly to client needs. All donations are tax deductible.


When do you help someone?

Anyone can make an appointment; we service 5 counties.  Christian Outreach is not a 'crisis' oriented program except for victims of fire, who immediately receive clothing.  Assistance is determined by the Christian Outreach Board of Directors, help is given first to those that are in greatest need and according to available funds and material items. But our original plan for this ministry and its' programs was and still is to offer assistance to those who fall through the "cracks" and do not qualify for government assistance.


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