Because of your help, we serve the community!

Total assistance given in 2010

Total # of Families helped with the following:

Prescriptions: 27                             

Gas: 7

Rent: 28                                            

Food: 41

Mortgage: 23                                      

Firewood: 10

Water/sewage: 2                             

Phone Bills: 9

Oil/propane: 1                                  

Electric Bills: 116

Auto Ins./repairs: 14           

Infant/Maternity: 8

Christmas Families: 183               

Autos Given: 4

Domestic Violence: 3          

Fire families: 10


We kept 3 families from losing their homes in foreclosure!

Total # of Families helped: 415

That's a total of 1,203 people, 781 of whom were children

* We were also able to help 8 churches and 2 missionaries with different items they needed.

* 7 Tractor trailer loads of extra material items were sent to those in need throughout the U.S. and around the world.

By supporting us, you become a part of this, and yet there were SO MANY MORE who needed help...

Thank You!


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